Our Partners

CaseEasy is proud to partner with industry leaders who provide services to enhance Canadian immigration and the broader industry


IMEDA | Immigration Education Alliance

IMEDA is producing about 30-35 educational events each year. In total, it’s more than 100 CPD hours. Some seminars are targeted to a more junior audience, others to our senior clients but each of them offers a grain of wisdom and often spurs an idea that can be used in your practice.

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CILA | Canadian Immigration Lawyers Association

CILA was conceived in 2020 by a group of leading immigration lawyers to provide a national organization focused exclusively on immigration law.

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English Prep

Exam Preparations for Immigration Consultants

All of our staff members have taken the ICCRC Entry-to-Practice Exam themselves, which is a large part of the reason why we are so effective in helping people pass on their first attempt!

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Black Africanness Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants

A professional network that comprises of certified Black RCIC, Lawyers and RISIA, all in good standing with their respective governing bodies. It provides a hub for learning, networking, collaboration and a united voice lobbying against unjust immigration policies against Black immigrants. Enjoy a 10% discount on CPDs as a CaseEasy member.

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